Tuesday, 22 February 2011

Salon Event # 4

Flash Pick with guest curators David Henckel & Simon Plum [08.07.2010 - 10.09.2010]

They Eat Culture’s fourth Salon Event was also our most diverse with work from several artists in a range of different styles and media. Guest curators David Henckel and Simon Plum explored recent Fine Art degree shows in the North West to select promising work by emerging artists from Blackpool and the Flyde College, University of Central Lancashire, Lancaster University and Manchester Metropolitan University to create a diverse show of fresh talent.

They selected works by: Charlotte Utting-Brown, Emily d’Andrea, Florence Dent, Emily McGowan, Shona Harrison, Glen Moyers, Donna Kelly, Meredith Stokes and Joanna Wood.

Both artists say that they found it a learning experience having to choose work for such a particular space as the Continental and came away thinking differently about how to present these ideas to a new audience.

Kathryn Wheatley, one of the curators of They Eat Culture’s Salon work, said “This event showcases the sheer range of ideas coming from the region’s degree students – the level of creativity on display is breathtaking and easily equals work coming out of bigger cities.”

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