Tuesday, 22 February 2011

Salon Event # 3

Jon Pilkington - Installation of Drawin' - White Fright' [23.04.2010 - 10.06.2010]

They Eat Culture’s third Salon Event featured a plethora of work by North West artist, Jon Pilkington. Hung in true salon style, small scale pencil, paint and pen drawings and dishevelled photographs taken with out of date film stock graced the walls of The Continental’s ‘Snug’ area.

Intending to challenge the notion of drawing and question what is traditionally considered a ‘good’ drawing, the work was purposely raw, unframed and, sometimes, unfinished. The focus instead was on the sheer volume and variety of images that the artist had produced as a way to spontaneously document his view of the everyday in all its myriad forms.

As part of exhibition, Jon initiated an ‘Art Exchange’ for the opening This was an opportunity for the public to interact with and respond to the exhibition. Jon invited the audience to exchange or trade something for one of the drawings that was of perceived equivalent value and that they felt was relevant, or in some way challenged, the work they had chosen.

The Installation of Drawin' was about the DIY ethic of making art, how much people value and appreciate art and what they will do for it.

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